About Rex

About Rex

“Behind the lens”

Rex Szeto | International Boudoir & Glamour Photographer

Hi! I’m Rex – the person behind the camera and the artist behind the photos. I’m a Calgary based photographer who specializes in boudoir & glamour photography. I love traveling and have had the opportunity to work with models from across Canada, in US, Mexico and Europe. My style of work is best described as classy, elegant and vibrant.

Photography is a passion and creative outlet for me. I started this journey back in 2020, and have developed a unique style to capture and provide stunning images for my clients. My work has been featured in numerous international publications, you may even see them regularly posted on Playboy social media.

I believe every person offers something beautifully unique, and being able to help someone see themselves in a positive, intimate, yet empowering viewpoint is what I love most about my work. As human beings, we are often our biggest critics. We see flaws that don’t exist, we downplay our victories, and we ignore the beauty and strength that stares back at us in our reflection. My goal as a boudoir photographer is to help you celebrate yourself, and to take snapshots of a moment that will last a lifetime. I look forward to meeting you!


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